Maplestory: It Introduces Hoyoung Class Throughout Glory: Savior Of Hope Update
Maplestory: It Introduces Hoyoung Class Throughout Glory: Savior Of Hope Update

In Maplestory, it introduces a new Hoyoung class as the beginning of the upcoming update titled Glory: Savior of Hope, which was set to release on December 18 and tells a story after the defeat of the infamous Black Mage in Maple World.

This is the first debut of Hoyoung with a new Anima thief identity, bringing many new skills and gameplay. He is good at using the Ritual Fan and Fan Tassel to reseal the monsters which were unleashed upon the world accidentally by himself. And Taotie, one of the four perils, who will give him some help, fighting together against the powerful monsters.

Hoyoung has many special skills, and one of them is similar to the Clone skill, which is also known as the array of skills. When he is fighting, it can leave a giant spiritual tiger on one side of the map, and the clones can attack the other side. That's because Hoyoung has a good ability to navigate the map, allowing to warp to whichever side had the most enemies to fight on whichever map.

All in all, the various skills of Hoyoung are very magical and incredible, or they can be called superpowers.

Until then, the update Glory: Savior of Hope will come as scheduled, and players are required to go to Cernium by Prince Carlisle and the Maple Alliance and save it from imminent danger to restore peace in Maple World.

Surely, you have to complete a series of missions and events to achieve the goal.

Starting from December 18, the Glory update will be live, bringing with it the Glory Guard full of missions, which can provide many chances to earn Glory, and a place called Alliance Supply Depot for purchasing exciting items in Maple World.

With Glory Guard Rank Event, you can quickly complete the upgrade process from Sentinel to Justicar through completing the missions and earn rewards.

There will also be an event themed Christmas, Camila's Bakery Christmas Event through December 31, which is combined with gifts. Players can get rewards by playing various Christmas themed games such as mini-games and puzzles, and then get rewards themed costumes, damage skins and other fun goodies.

Maplestory, an iconic free-to-play global MMORPG, which will soon start a new game era. The Hoyoung class is available now, and the Glory update will not stop until January 28, 2020, there is a long time for you to get into much fun.

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