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ArcheAge Unchained: The Hereafter Festival Is Underway And Features Plenty Of Rewards

In ArcheAge Unchained, The Hereafter Festival is underway, and it also brings a lot of rewards.

In this event, any player who has been online for 60 minutes will receive a Nui’s Diadem Crate twice a day. When you click on the Divine Clock in the lower-left corner of the screen, you can receive this box. This Nui’s Diadem Crate contains one Tarnished Nui’s Diadem and two Silverleaf.

If you participate in Crimson Rift, Grimghast Rift, Whalesong Harbor, and Aegis Island activities, you can get more Tarnished Nui’s Diadems. In addition, if you need Silverleaves, you can buy from the vendor with 10 Gold.

These items, excluding Silverleaves, are available until ArcheAge Unchained maintenance on April 29, but after that point, you won't be able to catch them. You can use the Silverleaves at the Mirage Isle Nui Statue found near the Festival Gift Exchanger.

You can polish Diadem with a leaf. The better you polish it, the higher grade it achieves. You can give your polished Diadem to Statue to get rewards.

The rewards are as follows:

* 15 Bound Tax Certificates for a Unique Nui’s Diadem

* 1 Bound Blue Regrade Charm for a Celestial Nui’s Diadem

* 2 Bound Yellow Regrade Charms for a Divine Nui’s Diadem

* 1 Candy-fueled Shell Racer for an Epic Nui’s Diadem

* 1 Nui’s Lunagem Crate for a Legendary Nui’s Diadem.

* This crate randomly grants one of the following T1 Lunagems: Fireglow, Copperglow, Waveglow, Galeglow, or Earthglow Lunagem.

* 1 Bound Lucent Serendipity Stone for a Mythic Nui’s Diadem.

If you need to buy Archeage Unchained Gold, you can come to IGGM at any time.

Because there is a wealth of content waiting for you in the game, few players will spend extra time to farm Gold, they are more willing to spend time on the game itself, so buy Archeage Unchained Gold is a better choice.

Archeage Unchained Guide: Here Are Something That Beginners Should Know

Archeage Unchained, as the world's first third-generation online game, is very attractive. One of its features is its high degree of freedom, but because of this, it is very difficult to master it completely. So this guide is just to give new players a general understanding of this game.

Choose the best Class

Of course, this is the most basic. But the classes in Archeage Unchained are not the same as in other games. It has more than 100 classes. In Archeage Unchained, you can choose a Faction first, plus race and main skill set. You can start with a simple but stronger class, and when you understand it, change it to a strong OP character. For DPS, you can choose a Dark Runner (such as Battlerage, Auramancy and shadowplay), or an Executioner(such as shadowplay, Battlerage and Occultism).

If you want a support character, you can choose a Confessor (such as Songcraft, Shadowplay, and Vitalism) or an Edgewalker(such as Occultism, Auramancy, and Vitalism).

You don't need Armor at the beginning

At the beginning of the game, armor is expensive and unnecessary. If you are really worried that you will be hurt without armor, then after completing a few quests, you will get a complete set of armor, which is enough for you. When you gradually upgrade, you will want to change to better armor. Wrong! Because later you will get synthetic potions, which can upgrade your weapon or armor to level 50. Click "Gear Upgrade" on your inventory, and then select the potion and equipment you want to upgrade.

Pay more attention to the Yellows

Yellow tasks can be seen everywhere, you just have to complete them. You can upgrade your character to level 30 within an hour by completing these tasks.

Slow 30's

When your character reaches level 30, you will find that the speed of the game slows down rapidly. This also means that your expedition mission has truly begun. You can find the options menu under the game information, open the options menu, and set the bottom to "unlimited". Note that before you start the main quest, you need to complete all the zone quests.

After level 45

If you have already upgraded to 45, you will not need yellow quests. Next, consider how to upgrade from 45 to 55. The fastest way is to teleport to Aegis Island. This will cost you 5 gold. You can buy Archeage Unchained Gold to move faster. Then you can grind those mobs with other players. Here, I suggest you equip you with a DPS and a healer, you will get an unexpected surprise!

These are some tips that new players need to know. After you have a framework for the game, you should slowly form your own gameplay, and you can enjoy the fun the game brings you, although it does not require you to spend much Archeage Unchained Gold early, in the later stage of the game, the value of gold cannot be underestimated. If you need Gold, please consider buying from IGGM first. Our service and products will not let you down.


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